I’ve Lost My Logo Files – Now What?

I’ve Lost My Logo Files – Now What?

Self-adhesive shaped vinyl stickers for the 404 bar

Have you ever wanted to make a sticker but not had the design files or the original artwork. Well, this is precisely what happened with a customer of ours. All he had was a picture taken outside a bar with the logo from the bar on the wall. See our Online Sticker prices

photo of the sign

We use Flexi print and cut software to isolate the image and automatically capture the part of the image we needed.

RIP software image capture

Next, we used our HP Latex printer to output the image on hard waring waterproof self-adhesive vinyl, then we transferred it to our cutter. The cutter follows the pre-defined cut pattern and produces a perfectly shaped sticker.

start to Finnish custom cut stickers


So now you know exactly what we can do, it’s much easier of course if you have the perfect design file in the first place. But life is rarely perfect or straightforward.