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Yorkshire Air Museum Manuals

Yorkshire Air Museum Manuals

The Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington is one of those customers that we love to work with. They always bring us a little job that has a history or a bit of a story to it. Be it a spitfire pilots logbook that needs to be digitised or on this occasion, we were asked to replicate training manuals that had been loaned to the museum by Duxford Air Museum.

The manuals were for a Porvast jet, and Buccaneer Mk.2 aircraft, not the sort of things you can easily acquire, so naturally having a copy to help keep up with the maintenance of the planes is very helpful. In the photographs, you can see the originals and the reproductions we made. I thought it was a good idea to try and make the copies as close to the original thing but with a perfect binding to help keep all the pages in good order, after all these booklets are going to be used in the museum’s workshops.

Yorkshire air museum perfect bound manuals

We produce a lot of training manuals & workbooks for various York and UK companies. Our perfect binder is superb at creating a neet secure bound booklet which is ideal for jobs like the air museums manuals or a more mundane set of company accounts/reports or a University dissertation.
We have a set cost option for one of the jobs or discounted rates for more substantial numbers of booklets.
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